We are prepared to work on any play, Shakespeare or modern, we can support any English or Drama syllabus, and at the heart of all our work is the belief that a playscript, like sheet music, can only be fully appreciated in performance.

All of our workshops are designed according to the teacher’s brief. Whether your students need an introduction to the play and its issues, an in-depth exploration of a key scene or scenes, a workshop focussing on a particular character or group of characters, a lively revision workshop for consolidation before the exam, or a pick-and-mix combination of the above, we can provide it.

As long as there is a hall or drama studio big enough to accommodate us, we can visit your organisastion, and our workshops, led by actors from the company’s productions, are a combination of discussion, participation, and performance. Workshops can either be designed so that students can participate as actors, or just participate from the audience.

Each workshop is specifically tailored to its brief, and can be organised to last any time from an hour to a week. This flexibility means that we can produce a package on almost any budget, and – depending on the budget – bringing along two actors, or our entire cast.